Are you looking for the next place to call home and further your career?

“Job hunting” can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Many don’t know where to begin as job boards are plentiful and many of them are confusing.

How do you stand out from the many applicants seeking to land a spot with a respectable company?

If you’re qualified, experienced, and know what you want, the solution may be to enlist the help of a reputable staffing solutions provider.

The right staffing firm will help you locate a company looking for your skill set, level of experience, and mindset to thrive in their culture. And, many times, they are privy to opportunities that are not public knowledge. A couple of examples are:

  • The organization may have an impending open position as they are making internal changes and do not want to risk the chance of alerting an employee that he/she is about to make a transition.
  • The company does not want to sift through stacks of resumes and turns that enormous responsibility over to the staffing firm to manage. As frustrating as it is for you to undertake a job search, it’s equally as taxing for the employer to do all that is needed to narrow the search and locate the right candidate for the role they are seeking to fill.

Another benefit of a trustworthy staffing solutions firm is that they will help guide you through the process and bring out your strengths.

They WILL NOT misrepresent in any way but will help you be your best self as, for many, the interview process, no matter how qualified you are, can be daunting. They are experts at providing feedback to fine-tune those skills and help you have a positive and memorable interview.

There are guidelines you MUST follow. If you don’t, the recruiting firm will choose not to work with you as the good ones have worked hard to develop a solid reputation and rapport with their network. To follow are some best practices to make the most of your relationship with the staffing solutions provider.

Treat Your Meeting Seriously
When you set a date/time to meet with the staffing firm, this first impression is critical as it allows him/her to assess how you would treat a “real” employer interview. First impressions will help them provide a more precise overview of you to the employer. Plus, it’s excellent practice for you.

  • Show up early. The recruiter’s time is valuable, and it puts up a red flag if you aren’t prompt.
  • Dress for success so that the firm can give feedback with areas of improvement if needed.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume or any other materials asked for in advance by the recruiter.

Honesty, Honesty, Honesty
For your recruiter to help you, you must be honest. When you’re transparent, this will allow them to help better find you the right position. Technology plays a large role and makes it very easy for them to fact-check, so don’t risk being caught misrepresenting your credentials. Be truthful about:

  • Employment history. Don’t lie about where you’ve previously worked, or hide gaps in your employment. It’s too easy to find out if you’re not telling the truth.
  • Include past “bumps” in your history that could show up in a background check. Past mistakes don’t necessarily mean you’re not employable; however, it does mean you need to be straightforward to allow the recruiter the option to give the full picture to the employer if applicable. No one is perfect, and the staffing firm will be able to help you explain the circumstances while remaining truthful.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions
The right staffing firm will want you to ask questions, especially if this is the first time you’ve solicited the help of a professional firm. They will review the process so that you know what to expect and allow you to set realistic expectations.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No
You have moved through the necessary steps, and the company presents you with an offer, but something in your gut does not feel right. Neither the recruiter nor employer wants you to accept a position where you are not 100% invested. There are steps to take if you are hesitant about an opportunity – BEFORE you respond.

  • If you feel there are some things you don’t fully understand, talk to your recruiter to clarify further. Digging deeper will help you feel better about the company, and a good recruiter will be able to answer your questions and, if not, ask them on your behalf. They will respect you for taking the time to learn more.
  • Don’t accept a job at a lower pay-scale just to be employed, and then continue to search for something better. Don’t put yourself into that one foot in/one foot out position. It’s not fair to the employer or the recruiter who helped you secure that position and make you look bad in the job market as it’s a small world. A good recruiter will let you know what salary expectations are realistic for the role you seek. And, if you need the income, talk to your recruiter about a temporary position to tide you over during your search.

Keep in Touch With Your Recruiter
Once you’ve interviewed with the staffing firm, ask them in advance what the protocol is for you to follow up. To stay top-of-mind, you may want to check in a couple of times a week, but ask them for their preferred method of contact (i.e., text, email, or phone).

A good recruiter is very busy working to fill positions and seek new opportunities for their candidates proactively. If he/she does not respond right away, be patient.

Never Pay a Recruiter
If a staffing firm asks you to pay them for their services, move on. The employer is the one who invests in the job search.

We all need help, and your career is one of the most significant aspects of your life. The right staffing solutions firm will work with you to find the next place to hang your hat and call “home.”