Recently, I stumbled upon a heartwarming story about a local couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.

Eager to read about something more uplifting than the distressing daily news, I clicked the article’s headline. As expected, the story offered a breath of fresh air and a dose of optimism.

According to the FOX4 article, Roy and Kamila Capps recently celebrated their 75th anniversary in a local nursing home. Their family and friends, who have not seen them since March, surprised them with a drive-by parade outside of their bedroom window.

The couple’s daughter stated,

“They are grateful to have each other, and they’re grateful for their family members who showed their love for them.” She went on to say that 75 years of marriage “says that you can endure anything.”

Upon reading further, I learned that during WWII, Roy was a US soldier, and Kamila was held in a Czechoslovakian concentration camp.

The couple met after Kamila was freed and have been together ever since. These two individuals are obviously no stranger to trying times, as they have lived through the turmoil and horrors of war—something most of us cannot imagine experiencing.

Now, living amidst an unprecedented pandemic 75 years later, they are “grateful to have each other.”

Though the article did not elaborate further on the thoughts or feelings of the couple, they seemingly try to stay positive and focus on what matters when the “going gets tough.”

We can learn a lot from Roy, Kamila, and their family. We can challenge ourselves to remain positive, to cling to those we hold dear, and to celebrate the milestones of our loved ones—even if we are unable to see them in person.

What are some positive stories you have come across lately? Now’s a great time to share them with others and show your appreciation to those close to you.