The search for the best person to add to your team can be overwhelming.

Just when you think you’ve found the right person for the role, a month into the job, that same “ideal” candidate, shows their true colors and do not fit into the culture of the company.

The same scenario is possible in the candidate’s eyes. He/she is excited about working with your company, but once they get their feet wet, they realize this isn’t the right fit for them.

“The Contract to Hire option is a practical and cost-effective solution for companies who want to “try before they buy.”

For the employer…

The “contract to hire” works well because it allows everyone to get to know each other while testing the skills as you normally would in the initial three months of employment. Additionally, you may need someone to fill the gap while you begin a search for a candidate. Many times the temporary person, while working temporarily, stands out, and you may decide to hire that candidate full-time. Either way, there is no permanent commitment on your part until you make that decision one way or another.

For the candidate…

The word “temp” may sound negative; however, it should be thought of as an opportunity to shine, while perhaps learning additional skills. If it doesn’t work out, the temporary “gig” is still a positive entry on your resume as it will show you want to make sure your next role is a good fit prior to a permanent employment commitment. And it demonstrates that you are not “job hopping.” Another benefit is that this may be an opportunity not otherwise available as many employers fill a role temporarily while performing a job search. In this case, make sure you stand out positively.

The right recruiting firm will manage the process from beginning to end, thus eliminating the mundane tasks for the employer (i.e., placing help wanted ads, resume reviews, etc.). It is still ultimately the employer’s decision, but it will be much less stressful since the recruiting firm will manage the upfront interviews and screening, and will only share the most qualified candidates.

Every company is as strong as the weakest link. Working with a professional recruiting firm will help you build a team that works best for you.