Tips For Recruiting During the Holidays

The holiday season is a great opportunity to slow down and celebrate with friends and family. During this time, many employees look forward to being out of the office and may be less responsive to emails and calls. However, for job seekers, the end of the year is perfect for ramping up their job search.
Time off and reflective thinking about job satisfaction can often lead to an increased desire to find something new. Employers should be prepared to handle this trend to allow team members to take time off, without missing out on potential candidates.
Read on to learn about a few key strategies that can help both employers and candidates be successful while navigating one of the busiest times of the year.

Prepare Your Recruiting Team

Make the month easier by letting your recruiting team (human resources department, or in-house-person responsible for staffing) know that they should expect more inquiries during the holidays. This will allow them to prepare by double-checking that application processes are up and working correctly, all desired positions are posted, and staff is taking time off accordingly, in a way that best supports the whole department.

Utilize Automated Responses

Staffing team members should update their out-of-office responses to include follow-up information for job seekers who may be trying to contact them while they are out of the office. Some companies have invested in automated bots or texting services to fill in the gaps while their recruiting staff is enjoying the holidays. You don’t want to lose the candidate you’ve been trying to attract simply because you aren’t able to be responsive.

Be Respectful of the Holiday Hustle

Recruiters deserve time off too, so encourage team members to be honest with candidates about when they can expect to receive more in-depth communication. This will eliminate frustration from job-seekers who may be frantically waiting for the next steps that won’t realistically happen until after the holiday season when everyone is back in the office.

Need to Fill a Position But Lacking the Time and Resources?

Work doesn’t go away during the holidays and you still need to ensure you have the capacity to meet the needs of your business. If you’re not already working with a full-service staffing solutions provider, now’s the time to reach out. An experienced firm will be equipped, and available, to manage the necessary communication to secure qualified prospects. Remember, they’ll also have their network of passive candidates who will generally not respond to an open job post. Don’t risk missing out on the perfect fit during these busy holidays.
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