End of Quarter Check-in

For many, 2022 is the year to reset and recharge. Whether personally, professionally, or both, it’s vital to remain positive. As we head into the end of the 1st quarter, it’s time to take stock of what went right and wrong, at the end of each quarter.
Some may have goals in writing and hold themselves accountable based on what they plan to achieve. Others have that info in their head, which may work, but it’s easy to forget. Writing things down is usually the best approach, as you can visualize your accomplishments as you check items off.

Also, remember that it’s not just your own goals you should be aware of, but the goals of your customers and clients.

After all, if you are responsible for helping them reach even a part of their goals (i.e., securing quality talent), their needs should be part of your big picture thinking.
When you take on a new client, talk to them about where they see their organization heading.
Check out some of our ideas for keeping in tune with helping the people you serve in their growth.
  • Are they looking to expand their services?
  • Will they need to expand their team to ensure they meet the needs of their customers or clients?
  • If they have stakeholders, what are their expectations, and is there anything you can do to help them achieve their own goals?

Talk to them about their anticipated growth.

Don’t pressure them with heavy sales as that could backfire, especially if they aren’t ready to discuss future work. But, if you have regular conversations with them (at a minimum quarterly), you can be prepared to fulfill their future needs. When you act as an extension of their team, they’re more likely to include you in these conversations. Especially when they know you’re the expert at what you do and genuinely understand their business. In reality, you become a trusted advisor.

And as always, if you have new products or services, let them know about your latest offerings to demonstrate that you care about their growth. But again, don’t slam it down their throat and only include what’s relevant to their business.

Never stop planning.
We know all too well how things can change, so allow yourself to be flexible but as true to your path as possible. In summary, work on your goals but be there to assist with the goals of those you serve as when they grow, you grow.