Are Your Employees Motivated?

Do your employees go through ups and downs when it comes to productivity? Motivating your workforce can be a challenge, especially if you’re unsure what is causing the reduced energy.
Everyone wants their employees to get excited about coming to work each day. A motivated employee is a productive employee. It also helps when they enjoy spending time with their co-workers, making for a much better team.

Getting your employees motivated is more straightforward than it seems.

To follow are some things you can do to ignite the excitement they may have had at the beginning.
Positive Communication

Do you find yourself “barking” orders when it comes to office tasks or when you want to know the status of a specific project? This form of communication causes stress in the office, and the tension increases as soon as they hear your voice. Likely, this isn’t your intention, but if this is how you’ve always communicated, it’s a great time to change your ways. Taking just that one step will almost instantly change the dynamic in your office, at least once the team realizes they no longer need to jump each time you approach.

Replace the “barking” with a kinder, more personal approach and allow them to speak openly without fear of the familiar outbursts.
You want to be a leader that others want to follow, and when you set a good example, that attitude trickles down and helps establish a positive culture.

Click play for some “barking” orders. 

Friendly Competition Leads to Increased Camaraderie
We see charts of conquered sales and monthly employee rewards, but did you know that creating a bit of competition between employees can help produce a better work product? It comes back to you as the leader to set the tone so that it does remain friendly, and the vibe is a shared support system for everyone. When someone “wins” a particular competition, make sure to thank everyone for participating and NEVER reprimand in public, and if there is an issue, set up a meeting, in private, to discuss.

Continue to motivate and find out what they need to be out in front the next time.

Share Your Company Goals
Motivated employees like knowing the plan and what their role is to help get you there. When you have a path that also includes a road to future promotions, they’re more apt to work hard to reach the goals that will make the company successful. And even better, they will work hard without being asked because you have included them in your vision.
In addition to enlightening your team, include incentives that have meaning to them. You may be surprised, but it’s rarely about money. You can provide other considerations that help them become better at what they do while increasing their commitment to you and the company.
  • Additional training to increase their skillset.
  • An extra day(s) off without deducting from existing vacation time
  • Dinner for two
  • Grocery store gift card

To make it fun, write these perks on separate cards and let the employee draw their incentive when they’ve reached an agreed-upon goal. Make it a team event that motivates others to have the same opportunity.

Continue to Check In
You’ve implemented some of the above tactics, and you see a definite increase in energy. The work is flowing as it should, plus there’s a lightness in the office that wasn’t there before.
Continue to dialogue with your employees to ensure the new way of communicating is still working. Be open to ideas to keep a healthy environment in the office, and you’ll have a greater sense of dedication and positive attitudes. Now isn’t that a much better way to work and protect your workforce investment?