Would You Draft Yourself in Fantasy Football?

NFL Football is back in action, and no matter your team, there is always an extra element of excitement for FANTASY FOOTBALL! Your chance to compete with your friends and family to build the ultimate team of elite professional athletes to get you through the season ON TOP!
When you think about it, it’s not much different from any leader competing against other companies to draft (hire) the top professionals for their team.

Some leaders might argue that the current talent shortage is even more challenging and feels like they’re playing in a 100 team fantasy league!!!

So the question arises. Would you draft yourself? Do you think others would select you? Remember, the winning strategy isn’t drafting players just because they play on your favorite team in real life, or athletes that seem like the nicest/ easiest to get along with. The draft is based solely on anticipated performance, output, and results!

So again, we raise the question. Would you honestly draft yourself as the best chance to win for the team? Can you articulate to yourself the reasons why or why not? For the why not(s), are there areas of performance that you can work on or better showcase?

Figure out what kind of player you are and what type of player you want to be.

  • Do you bring consistency?
  • A very high ceiling?
  • Are you a boom or bust type of player?
  • Do you consider yourself under-rated and ready to show your worth? What would your fantasy profile say about you?
  • Do you think it’s enough for team owners to fight over you when it comes time for drafting a winning team?

Certainly, something to think about but a great mindset to have when setting goals to help advance in your career.

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