Benefits of Partnering with a Recruiter

Are you ready to expand your team, but you dread the process and know that it can be expensive if you make the wrong hire? Taking on the hiring challenge on your own is possible, but when you engage the services of a professional staffing solutions firm, you have more possibilities available to you.
  • A larger pool of qualified talents, many of whom are "passive," meaning they are currently employed and aren't actively putting their name out there. However, they are open to discussing the possibility with a trusted recruiter.
  • You won't have to dedicate your staff members to help with the search as the recruiter will do most of the heavy lifting. This is especially helpful when it's pertinent to keep the talent hire confidential.
  • The process is usually quicker as the recruiter has systems to narrow the list to include the "A" candidates.
  • You can choose a recruiter specializing in the field you're seeking to hire. For instance, if you're looking for top talent in the technology industry, a company that "lives" in that arena will have the most connections and experience when it comes to pre-screening candidates.

I’m interested in hiring a recruiter. How do I make the most of the relationship for the best results? To follow are some tips to help make the search successful.

Clear Communication

A good recruiter will be very insightful and know the right questions to ask you. You must be open and honest about your needs. Make sure to include the skills & experience needed to perform the job and the type of work environment they should expect. There is no right or wrong answer, but it will help the recruiter give a clearer picture, which helps secure a better fit.

Industry Knowledge

Top candidates generally seek out recruiters who understand their areas of expertise. When the recruiter has experience in their industry, it gives them the upper hand to weed out those who may not be all that their resume claims. And, they’ll have a good handle on the terminology when you are working together on the job description.

There are many reasons to develop a
with a qualified recruiting agency.

  • They get to know your company culture.
  • They can help develop job descriptions that make sense and attract top talent.
  • They will keep you in the loop when someone quietly seeks a change but needs to be careful, so they don't alert their current employer.

Streamlined Process

A recruiter does much more than find the ideal candidate. They handle all of the time-consuming pieces such as:
Initial interviews | Skills assessment | Reference checks

Will Take Action if Things Don’t Go as Planned

Before you agree to work with a recruiting firm, make sure they have a strong services agreement in place should a placement not work out.


No matter how much due diligence is performed, there are occasions when it is not a good fit. The candidate checked off all the boxes, but sometimes life happens. You need to make sure you are working with a solid recruiting firm that will be there to pick up the pieces and find a replacement.

Your company is your baby, and every team member is vital to its success. And, your time is a commodity as it’s essential to focus on your core business instead of getting caught up in an area that may not be your strongest skill. A good recruiting firm will act as an extension of your team, and everything they do will be in your company’s best interest.
If you would like to test the waters and learn more about how partnering with an experienced, knowledgeable and honest recruiting firm can benefit your company, give us a shout. We would love to get to learn more about your business.