Didn’t Get the Job? Rejection Makes You Stronger.

You just learned that you weren’t chosen for the job you wanted. Even though rejection is inevitable during a job search, it doesn’t make it hurt any less. How can you start recognizing a “no” as a positive thing by learning from your mistakes and taking pride in giving it your all? The following suggestions will help you prepare for the next time it happens and learn how to bounce back in a flash.

Accept That Rejection Is Normal

It’s normal to be upset when a potential employer chooses another candidate for a great job opportunity. After all, you put a lot of time and effort into the application process. Getting rejected from a job can cause you to lose your self-confidence and result in negative self-talk. That’s why it’s important to remember that rejection is normal and unavoidable.

It’s just one more chance for you to grow as an employee. Reframe the situation into a positive because it frees you up for a new opportunity that will be a better fit. Accepting rejection doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve where needed for your next job possibility. But it does make you more resilient and able to deal with the negative feeling of getting passed over for a job you wanted.

Don't Burn Bridges

There are many reasons why you might not have been offered the job.

  • You may not have the proper education, skills, or experience for that particular position. If that’s the case and this is the type of role you want, take the steps needed to acquire those skills.
  • Maybe the interviewer didn’t feel you would fit in with their company culture. In the future, make sure you’ve taken the time to research the company and its culture and ask yourself if you genuinely feel this would be a good match.
  • We don’t like to hear it, but perhaps you didn’t make a good first impression with the interviewer. Hopefully, you’re working with a professional recruiter who will help you brush up on those skills if that’s the case. It’s also possible you did just fine, but the connection wasn’t there.

You shouldn’t take it personally as difficult as it is to miss out on a job offer. Don’t burn any bridges by badmouthing the employer or interviewer when you receive a rejection.

Make sure to thank them for the opportunity and let them know you would be interested in a potential position in the future.

Conduct yourself with poise and grace, knowing that there are always other opportunities. The employers will appreciate your decorum and may keep you in mind for different roles.

Redefine What Skills You Bring To The Table

After an unsuccessful interview, focus on how the experience will make you stronger and more prepared for the next time around. You should consider every interview as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Review your resume and write down at least three things you learned during the interview process.

These could include improving your resume or better responses to some of the questions asked. You might find that the experience has shown you skills to highlight that will make you more desirable in the future.

It can also be helpful to ask the recruiter or employer for feedback that you can use to help make your next interview a success.

Get Some Perspective and Move On

After a job rejection, you may be too emotional to see things clearly, so try to step back and look at how you might have done some things differently. Ask yourself what situations contributed to the outcome and what you can do to improve in those areas. If there are actions you could take toward having a more positive future experience, do them now.

For example, if you were passed over because you didn’t meet the minimum requirements, try to gain experience in those areas by doing volunteer work or taking classes.

Once you have a plan, forget about the situation and move on. Dwelling on what you perceive as failure won’t do anything but keep you in a negative mindset.

Be proud of yourself for applying and putting forth effort.

No one likes rejection, but when it comes to job searches or professional experiences, rejection is inevitable and can only make you stronger!

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