Increase Your Job Search Possibilities

Are you in the midst of actively searching for a new position or simply contemplating a move? No matter what stage you’re in, if you haven’t considered “recruiting” a professional recruiter, we would like to give you some insight into the benefits.
If you are currently in a job search, it doesn’t mean you need to abandon your existing efforts. A recruiter can augment what you’re doing and, in many instances, provide advice based on where you stand now.
When candidates “go it alone,” they typically have other points of stress to worry about in addition to seeking new employment.
The job-seeker may be:
  • Employed and still need to focus on their current responsibilities. After all, you never want to neglect your present position and owe it to the current company to be fully engaged.
  • Moving in circles because they don't have the experience to know how to perform a job search successfully, essentially wasting time with no actual positive outcome.
Did you know that working with a Professional Recruiter doesn’t add more stress but reduces it while broadening your prospects for the next perfect opportunity? How specifically can a quality firm help?

Increased Opportunities

Many employers, especially on the executive level, do not publicize their openings. Instead, they have direct relationships with recruiters to locate the best candidates.

And the quality Professional Recruiters act as trusted advisors to companies who value honesty and want access to the best potential employees.

Saves You Time

Even with today’s technology, a job search can be tiresome. A recruiter will do the legwork and reach out to you with jobs aligned with your skillset and experience.

And, they will know what you’re looking for in a company’s culture. Imagine the time you will save when you no longer have to filter through all of those job listings.

Their Lips Are Sealed

One of the biggest reasons to work with a recruiter and utilize their expertise is that they realize the importance of keeping everything about your job search confidential. They will reach out to their network without disclosing your personal information. This isn’t always as important if you are unemployed; however, it’s crucial if someone is currently employed and does not want to reveal that they may be considering accepting a position with a new company.

Expertise and Experience

A qualified Professional Recruiter will have the expertise to work with you to improve your resume and bring out your best qualities. This doesn’t mean adding points that are not truthful, but many candidates find it difficult to talk about themselves. An experienced recruiter will pull out your best attributes and work with you on interview skills to put your best foot forward.

They Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Even though the candidate does not pay any fees for these services (the employer pays), a good recruiter will not be happy unless you’re happy. You both share the same goal, and their purpose is to find the perfect fit for both the employee and employer.
Lone Star Staffing Solutions is standing by to help with your job search. Whether you’re just starting, in the middle, and going nowhere, or haven’t taken any steps but are interested in a move. Our activities are confidential and shared only with your blessing with all of the above scenarios.

We would love to schedule a call to help determine your needs. You may also check out some of our opportunities by clicking on the “HOT JOBs” button below.