You Can Attract The Right Employees

Attracting top-notch employees requires more than finding a great candidate and extending a competitive salary and benefits package. These days, it’s about developing a company culture that will keep people engaged and inspired.
Engaged employees are more productive, which leads to better results for your business. And, a happy team translates into happy customers and clients. They’re also less likely to leave after only working for a short period — which means spending less time/money hiring and training new people. By implementing a few changes, you can begin to create a company culture that everyone will want to support.

Be Clear About Your Company Values

Every business has its own set of values—beliefs that form the basis for how they operate. Some are obvious, like “work hard” or “put customers first.” Others are less visible and take some digging to uncover. The values you choose should be clearly defined and communicated to potential employees.

This will help applicants evaluate whether or not they will thrive in your company culture and help minimize the number of candidates who would not necessarily be a good fit. Taking these steps will help accelerate the hiring process. Always be transparent about your vision and mission when partnering with staffing agencies to find new talent or when posting open positions online.

Showcase People Behind The Work

The factors that make up a healthy company are many:
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Reward structure
  • Team dynamics
  • And more

But at the heart of it are the people empowering the organization. Passion can be an impactful recruiting tool, especially when it’s authentic. Survey your current employees to find out what they like most about their jobs and use that information to attract incoming talent. Allowing the candidates to hear from a current employee during the interview process, instead of marketing jargon can be the difference between finding top talent or just another job-seeker.

Be Personable When Communicating

Make an effort to be more engaging and personable in all of your communications when corresponding with potential candidates. Outdated website text and stuffy job descriptions can be a subtle signal of a low-engagement work environment. Personalize emails, minimize internal jargon, and refrain from using robotic “corporate speak.”

You need to build rapport and trust to successfully advance a qualified job-seeker. And that means taking the time to communicate in an approachable and candidate-friendly way.

Attracting the right employees can be fostered in many ways — but it starts with valuing candidates, showcasing the people who empower the company, and communicating realistically and honestly.
Let Lone Star Staffing Solutions help you find the right employees for your business. We pride ourselves on maintaining outstanding relationships with top talent that are a perfect fit for your business.