There is No Perfect Candidate

Whether you are personally performing the search for that next candidate or hiring an outside professional vendor, BEFORE you begin the “chase,” remember, you want to find one that is the best for YOUR company. We know that quality candidates are in demand; however, someone who would be a good match for one company may not be a good fit for yours.

And remember, there is no such thing as a perfect prospect.

The world is yours when you lower your expectations and consider a candidate who may not be perfect but could be a true asset to your company.
Before you begin your search, an accurate job description is one of the most essential tools you can have. One of the biggest mistakes employers make is to create a vague illustration of what the potential employee can expect while “on the job.”
You will want to include:
  • job title
  • position’s purpose
  • specific required skills
  • required, and preferred qualifications
  • overall responsibilities
  • company culture
If you work with a professional staffing solutions provider, they will work closely with you to fine-tune the description. Using their expertise to compose something truthful and attract the desired candidates is a bonus. Either way, you want to be upfront and clear about the expectations of the role.
When developing the job description, the most successful employers will determine what they must absolutely have and what they could live without, initially. Think back to when you first began your career. Did you have all the skills necessary for your dream job? Or did you develop them over time? We know that you can teach some skills more quickly than others. If the right person is in front of you but lacks some capabilities on your list, they can learn if they have the right attitude and aptitude.
Note: The above is only valid if:
  • you don't need that skill immediately for your company to function
  • you have the time to invest in training or the resources to outsource to a third-party vendor, or they can learn "on the job."
  • the candidate has many of the other abilities and has the motivation to learn quickly (you can set a timeframe for the learning before hiring)

Upfront Impressions

If you’re like most busy employers, performing a proper candidate search can be frustrating. But the more reliant your business is on a particular position in the company, the more critical it is to fill that role with someone who will be an asset. Many companies have the best candidate in front of them. Still, during the interactions that follow an initial interview, it could be a turnoff if you don’t put effort into that “after interview” communication. Some examples are:

  • Being very vague about compensation and benefits – do your research to be competitive in your industry. Adding unique perks and benefits are incentives to sweeten the offer.
  • Neglecting to take the time to check the references that were so important to collect from the beginning.
  • Response time to phone calls and emails to thank you, inquire about the hiring status, or ask a follow-up question.

Another internal person can also oversee the above, but the point is that someone MUST manage them. Otherwise, it’s easy for a potential candidate to assume your culture is inflexible and unwelcoming. Employees want a nurturing employer that allows them to thrive and help the company succeed.

The above tasks become more manageable when you work with a qualified staffing company as they will handle the day-to-day communication.

Invest in the most promising people, not the most flawless. No one is perfect, and if someone has the best mindset and majority of the required qualifications, the fit will usually mean a loyal and motivated employee.

When you open your mind and align your expectations from the beginning, you will ensure successful onboarding and an employee who is there for the long haul to help your company grow.

Are you about to launch a candidate search? Lone Star Staffing Solutions is here to help from the beginning of the process to the actual hire. We take care of the mundane tasks and bring you the candidates we feel would be the best fit for your company.