3rd Quarter Blues

The thought of reaching this point on the calendar can be daunting, no matter how you word it, “3rd Quarter” or “Halfway Through the Year.”
The team is worried if they will have time to reach their overall annual goals, and the boss is cheering them on to stay motivated and crush it. Isn’t this what you should have done in the first two quarters? If you did, great, but can you keep it up? If you’ve fallen behind, you need to kick it in gear to catch up so that your overall numbers come together.

When reality hits and you have dipped below your target, don’t fall into the trap of freezing to the point of not taking action.

There ARE steps you can take to get back on track – there’s still time.

Suppose you need to “catch up.” Consider this your cue to swoop in like Superman and make this quarter count. Sometimes all it takes is an attitude adjustment, and even if you’re not feeling it, you can “fake it until you make it.”

When you do that, without worrying about all the other stuff, it will rub off until you’re actually in the zone of accomplishing your goals.

Give Yourself Constructive Criticism

Just as you have mapped out quotas at the beginning of the year, outline what went right and areas where you could improve. Were there techniques or processes that worked? Were there others that didn’t garner the anticipated success? Until you identify what worked and didn’t, you’ll continue to have the same pattern of frustration. Make the corrective action immediately and remember it for the future.

Hit the Ground Running

With your newfound sense of purpose and direction, it’s time to get serious and step up your game. Walk into the phone booth and arm yourself with your new cloak of courage and intent to raise your standards. Make sure your goals are clear with a path to follow to reach them.

What's In It for Me

Write down the rewards you expect if you reach your goals. Every company is different, and some will offer:

  • Monetary bonus
  • More paid vacation
  • Increase in salary or commission
  • Promotion

Some organizations will not necessarily provide something tangible at year’s end, and for many, it may be a part of the upfront agreed-upon expectations for someone in your role. The most valuable takeaway is the pride you feel from living up to your performance promise.

Steer Clear of Negativity

Hopefully, your company has a team player mentality. When you have a culture that flourishes on the support of others, with a friendly competitive spirit, everyone wins. If some naysayers or colleagues thrive on the failure of others, don’t get pulled in. Remain positive, ALWAYS, and stay on the path you’ve set.

Remain True to Your Boundaries

When you’re serious about getting back on track, don’t get distracted by taking on too much. If it doesn’t help you reach your target, stay focused on what will. We talked about learning how to say no in an earlier blog, and this is especially true here. Of course, if it’s something that is naturally part of your role, that’s different as you’re likely to have responsibilities that don’t necessarily include sales.

Stay Sharp
and Move Faster

When you are in the game to win, your health is an essential tool. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have the stamina to make it to the finish line. It’s like that commercial with the two deer about to be jumped on by the lion. To “win,” you need to be faster or at least have the most energy to sustain over the long haul.

This is not a product endorsement,
but a situation example.

Don’t let the third-quarter mile marker scare you and keep your eye on the ball. You will prioritize your daily habits towards those goals when you are more committed.