We all know how nerve-racking an interview can be, even for the most confident of people.

Add in the stress of the job search, a pandemic, the daily news, remote interviewing, and your children’s e-learning, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for being understandably frazzled. Sound familiar?

We have a few simple tips to help you calm those nerves so you can tackle that interview, full steam ahead!

Make a Cheat Sheet

Jot down all the important information you need for your interview. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you forget key achievements, program names, or worse—the hiring manager’s name. A personal interview cheat sheet is a wonderful tool for helping you keep all pertinent information in one concise place. Make sure to add at least three questions for the person interviewing you! Having your “ducks in a row” on paper will help you feel more confident, more prepared, and less nervous.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk or Call a Friend for One

The good news is that instead of waiting in an office lobby, you are likely in the comfort of your own home, awaiting a virtual interview. Whereas talking to yourself or being on the phone in an office lobby is frowned upon, it’s perfectly acceptable from home! Remind yourself how qualified you are for the job.

Tell yourself you will have a great interview, that you are prepared for even the toughest of questions, that you’re smart, and that your personality will shine through your conversation with the hiring manager.

If you feel silly talking to yourself, call a friend or family member for some positive words of encouragement.

Take Care of Yourself

While preparing for this critical conversation with your potential future boss, remember to take care of yourself too. Set yourself up for success by getting a full night of rest and making sure that you have eaten a good breakfast (or lunch) before your interview (For on-camera interviews, don’t forget to check your teeth for food ahead of time). Engage in some deep breathing exercises, and think positive thoughts!


Athletes and meditation aficionados are known for using the visualization technique—and with good reason! Mental imagery can be compelling, and it can absolutely have a positive impact on your interview.

Visualize yourself smiling confidently as you nail those interview questions, and picture the hiring manager or interview panel smiling back at you with approval.

Visualize the entire process going smoothly, and your nerves are sure to be calmed.

Look Your Professional Self

Dress as though you were meeting your future employer in person; he/she will appreciate the respect you are demonstrating, and you will exude confidence. Don’t forget to dress your bottom half as you never want to put yourself in a situation where you forget what you’re wearing, especially if you have to stand up spontaneously. If you usually pop in a breath mint or splash on cologne/perfume, take this additional step as while the person on the other end won’t know, you will, as it brings about a sense of normalcy.

Remember that though you want to channel nervous energy into confidence and poise in your interview, a certain amount of visible nervousness communicates care and interest to your future employer—and that’s a great thing.