If you’re like many of us, as we come out of an “interesting” year, you may feel guilty for not accomplishing some or all of the goals you made for yourself in 2020. It’s time to change the way you think!

Look at it as an opportunity to evolve your ideas and implement them in 2021, and if needed, beyond that.

This blog will discuss some ideas to create daily habits to make yourself feel good while making the world a better place.
Put Others First

It’s incredible how many times we say to ourselves, “I need to make time to support a specific charity or help in my community,” but you never take that first step.

It’s not that difficult to reach out but when you do, make sure it’s an organization where you share a passion.

Are you an animal lover? Volunteer at a shelter. Do you get upset knowing there are families out there who don’t have enough food to eat? Join a group within a food bank (or have them assign one to you) that warehouses and distributes food for those in need.

You will be helping others, and you’ll meet others who love helping too.
Think About List Making as a Time-Saving Task

Do you lose sleep thinking about what you need to do the next day, afraid you’ll forget to complete an important task?

At the end of each day, make a list of your “to-do” items and list them in priority order. You’ll be ready for the next day, which will help set your mind at ease.

There are many project management systems out there, and if they work for you, great. If you prefer a physical list, print it, and keep it close by. It’s very satisfying to check off those tasks as you move through them manually. If you don’t finish the list, and unless it’s time-sensitive, add it to your plan for the next day.

Make sure you make time for breaks and, if possible, time to meditate and clear your brain. This best practice allows you to think clearly, which is proven to reduce errors.

Turn a Negative Into a What-If
Mistakes are bound to happen, and it’s easy to beat yourself up. There are a couple of things to remember when you make an error or blunder:
  1. Learn from it and remember what happened and why. If needed, make a “do not do again” list to remind yourself of the proper way to manage a situation or perform a critical task. Especially if it’s something, you don’t do every day.
  2. Don’t blame others for your mistake, even if you weren’t the only person involved. It’s up to that person to take the heat with you, and if they don’t, you know you’re the better person in that situation. This philosophy is critical if you’re a manager in the company as you’re ultimately responsible for your team’s actions.
Sunshine on Your Shoulders

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk, or do you have a phone glued to your ear all day?

We know that work can be stressful, but we also realize that all work and zero play can be detrimental for you both physically and mentally.

If your location is conducive to it, make time for a walk during a break and take in your surroundings. Near a park? Many parks are filled with nature, which changes every day. You will learn that taking this time for yourself or with a friend can change your perspective when you’re back at work.
If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Have you been in a group conversation that turns gossipy and escalates as everyone chimes in with their take on a particular person? Don’t fall into the trap of participating, as remember, the tables could turn, and you could be the brunt of the discussion. Break free of the drama, and you’ll feel better about yourself and gain respect from everyone around you.

Make New Friends and Be Present

These are different times, and in-person connections are rare for most, but keeping the bonds with friends, family, and colleagues alive is essential.

When you spend time with friends, family, or community members, PUT THAT PHONE AWAY, maintain eye contact, and ignore email during that time.

You want to be the person who listens – they will most certainly remember you for it. This rule of thumb applies to both your personal and professional interactions.

When you’re with others, don’t forget to compliment those around you. Did your colleague show up with a new pair of glasses? Tell her how great they look on her. A new haircut?

Do the same thing. It’s incredible how amazing you will feel simply by making someone else feel great about themselves.

If you can conquer even one or two of these habits into your day-to-day life, you will find it becomes second nature. The more natural it becomes for you, the happier you will feel. You can then pick the next habit to incorporate, and by the end of the year, you will notice a big difference in how others treat you.
By living life as a genuinely considerate person, you’ll find that success will follow.