Q1 of 2021 felt like it came and went in a flash. Maybe it was the fact that 2020 felt like we were all “stuck,” and anything feels faster than that. Then along came 2021, a sign of hope and reason that we were somewhat turning a page and would be able to accomplish so much of what we hadn’t in 2020.
Now here we are… 25% of the year is gone in a blink of an eye! How do you feel? Are you on pace to accomplish everything you hoped? Or do you already feel behind?

If you feel behind, THAT’S OKAY! The best news is that you still have 75% of 2021 to kick butt! So here are some pointers on how to get back on track with your goals!

Remind yourself of your goals and motivation.

Do you remember what those goals were? Please tell me they’re not lost somewhere on a sticky note or a cocktail napkin. Take a look back at those goals and if they still apply, remind yourself WHY! What motivates you? Who motivates you? Why is these goals so important to you?
There it is! It’s all comin’ back now!

Don’t beat yourself up.

Now is not the time to beat yourself up for getting a little off track. Instead, get yourself pumped to get ready for THE COMEBACK! Pat yourself on the back for what you have already accomplished, and then bring on the internal pep-talk to how you CAN and WILL do better.

After all, you could be having this conversation with yourself in Q3, BUT you will do something about it now!

Identify the roadblocks you encountered.

We all run into roadblocks. After all, if goals didn’t have roadblocks, then what would be the fun in that? Once you have identified your roadblocks, create a plan of action to get through them head-on or around them if necessary. Too often, we run into a roadblock and immediately talk ourselves out of the destination. BUT NOT TODAY! Today, we press on.

Update your plan of action.
You have 75% of the year left, and now is the time to figure out how to streamline your plan or adjust it accordingly. Then map it out! What do you do first? Then what? Then what!? GOT IT?
Just because you’re not as far along as you thought you would have been, the key here is to realize that you haven’t lost your chance to accomplish A LOT in 2021. It’s time to figure out what happened in Q1 and learn from it!

Remember… “It’s not how you start, but it’s how you finish!” -Michael Phelps