Has your business slowed down a bit, but you lack the motivation to tackle projects that will ultimately help your business?

We’ve all been there. Without a deadline or customers/clients urging us forward, it can be challenging to focus.

Now’s the time to create an action list of tasks that will help your business, yet not break the bank at a time where you may need to monitor your spending. There are many opportunities to be productive, costing you absolutely nothing but time while improving your company’s infrastructure and looking to a healthier future.

To follow are some recommended actions that will keep you busy AND evolve your company. Most business owners have a “wish list,” and now may be the perfect time to make those dreams a reality.

First, you need to set goals and action items to include deadlines. Of course, revenue-producing activities are the priority.

Once you complete a task, reward yourself with something that makes you feel good.

Get Organized

Go through your files (digital and printed), and toss/shred anything you don’t need. If it’s something you need, but not in a physical form, scan it to your digital library. While doing this, choose a filing method that is easy to understand and allows you to be consistent moving forward. Not sure if it makes sense? Pretend you do not know anything about your business and are searching for a document. Or, ask a trusted friend/colleague if they understand the setup. To take it a step further, add the details of your method of filing to an existing or new SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) manual for future reference.

Connect With Previous Customers/Clients

Do you have a list of people you worked with before, but the connection was lost? Now’s a good time to tell them about a new product or service you offer. After all, if they were happy with what you provided previously, they are more apt to jump back into your book of business. Of course, it may not be the best use of time to reach out to anyone where the experience was negative, as that’s a more challenging “sell.” Stick to the positive, and this exercise could reach some low hanging fruit and reignite past relationships, and encourage potential referrals.
Community Engagement Within Your Target Audience

Join associations whose membership caters to people you would like to do business. Not sure if it’s a good fit? Many organizations will let you “try before you buy” as a guest or charge a one-time attendee fee to an event. One of the biggest mistakes is to join multiple associations too quickly. Not only can this get expensive, but it will not have the impact you desire as you will be spread too thin, versus being able to focus on building solid relationships. Allow other members to get to know you.

Get further involved by offering your expertise as a speaker (virtually or in-person depending on the circumstances) to demonstrate your knowledge and give advice they can implement immediately, on their own. Once they recognize it was solid, they will see more clearly to work with you in a larger, paid capacity. Do not risk losing the attention of your audience by being overly sales-oriented.

If permitted (ask in advance), you may give your business a plug and perhaps include a special limited-time offer at the end, not during your presentation.

Let Your Happy Clients Share Their Success

Do you have a list of clients you’ve meant to request a testimonial to share on your website and social media? This is an excellent opportunity to reach out and ask for a blurb about the positive experience they had with your company. If you’re comfortable with your customer/client, include a line in the request to say something like, “If it helps, I would be willing to write a sample testimonial based on our experience together and send over to you for editing/approval before publishing.”

Seek Outside Help

If you have the financial wherewithal, consider hiring an employee who has experience in areas where you’re not as strong. This exercise can be exhausting, so you may want to consider working with a professional staffing solutions agency. Reputable service providers will not charge you for a consultation to review the process, so you are clear and comfortable about what to expect. While they are working hard to find the right person for your company, you can use that time to work on your action list.

While the professional staffing solutions agency is working hard to find the right person for your company, you can use that time to work on your action list.

Ready, Set, GO!

We hope this blog has motivated you to get focused and feel energized about moving forward. You may not choose to tackle all of the above suggestions, but it may inspire you to make your “to-do” list based on your current business’s needs.