Are you ready to begin your job search but not sure where to start? Your colleague is pushing you to reach out to a recruiter, but you’re hesitant as you don’t know what to expect.

Let’s talk about what you can do in ADVANCE of talking to a potential recruiter.

Your Career Brochure – Your RESUME
While a good recruiter will help you polish your resume, it’s essential to begin with a good foundation. You need to:
  • Perform an automated spell and grammar check combined with a manual review. Better yet, ask a friend (who is detailed oriented) to give it their once-over as well.
  • Is it easy to read and appealing to the eye? Does it capture your attention in under 10 seconds?
  • Did you place all of your contact information in one location so the reader can easily reach out if they’re interested? You should include your cell number, email address, physical address (not a P.O. Box), and a link to your LinkedIn profile.
Get Your Resume Out There
Job Banks can be an excellent place to get noticed by an experienced recruiter. We suggest that you post your information confidentially, especially if you’re currently employed, while permitting recruiters to view it. If your credentials stand out, recruiters will contact you directly.
LinkedIn is a Great Resource for Recruiters. Are you there?

This platform is there to support professionals and corporations. You need to be on there, and your information must be up-to-date, or you are doing yourself a disservice.

If your information and resume don’t accurately reflect your career history, you may miss out on your dream employment opportunity.

One of the LinkedIn advantages is that you can highlight all of your experience, special skills, and achievements you’ve made. All WITHOUT openly stating that you’re seeking work.

Connecting with a Recruiter

Multiple recruiters have contacted you, and you have a decision to make. You’re asking yourself:

  • How do I know if this is the firm that will help take your career to the next level?
  • Are they going to guide me through the process and make me feel at ease?
  • Will they be completely honest with me regarding possible positions and the culture I can expect with each company I consider?
There are many ways to vet a recruiter properly. Please check out our “Working With a Professional to Secure the Right Position” blog.
Exclusive Relationship

Once you choose a qualified staffing solutions firm, let the recruiter know you will work with them exclusively over an agreed-upon amount of time (i.e., six months). This arrangement benefits both of you, especially if you allow them to truly understand what motivates you and what your “must-haves” are for future positions. You want them to go all-in on your behalf, and an exclusive arrangement gives them the incentive to do just that.

Before making these decisions, make sure the recruiter you’ve selected is clear about what you can expect regarding response time with phone calls and emails. Establishing this ahead of time will save both of you a lot of unnecessary stress and miscommunication.

During this time, we recommend removing your resume from job boards, so you are presented as the best-kept secret versus potentially appearing too anxious. The right recruiter will use this to make you shine in front of the right companies.

Give Your Recruiter Breathing Room

A good recruiter belongs to the right organizations and knows how to branch out to their established network. The clout they hold in the arena will get your resume much further up the ladder than if you were to submit it traditionally. Also, they are privy to opportunities that are not yet public as they’ll have relationships with decision-makers who test the waters first before openly posting a position.

The same goes in reverse. If you see a job posting or mention of a firm you’re interested in that is expanding, talk to your recruiter about it.

They know how to maneuver past the gatekeeper or already have experience with that particular company.

Collaboration is Crucial

You now have a motivated recruiter who is willing to dedicate the time needed to help you put your best foot forward. Now is the time when you need to keep your ears open to their advice and listen. After all, they have the experience and know-how to take you to the next level in your career.

A good recruiter will become a part of your professional family as you continue to navigate your career path.