Do you need skilled help in your organization but are not ready to hire someone full-time?

Are you considering an independent contractor but wary about whether they have the needed skills or the integrity you are accustomed to? If so, asking for help fulfilling a temporary position may be just what your company needs.

When you partner with a professional firm, they can offer temporary skilled help that fills the gap while you work on a specific project or seek a “try before you hire” situation. And, there are many additional benefits to invest in contract staffing for temporary tasks.

The ability to scale their task force up or down, is the strategy successful companies use to grow their business.


In contract staffing, you do not have the payroll and benefits expenses, administrative costs, and the requirement to compensate for paid time off. If they don’t work, they don’t get paid (i.e., you do not pay for vacation or sick time).

Faster Path to Qualified Talent

An experienced staffing firm will quickly identify your needs and provide qualified candidate options who have already been pre-screened and ready to join your team. The project may be temporary, but he/she will join your company, with the mindset of a proud employee, no matter the length of the contract.


The attraction is also the ability to be flexible to the needs of your company. Do you require an extra set of hands when things are extra busy, or a key team member is out on vacation, or when you need to scale back but still need the interim help until everything ramps up again?

Reduced Liability

If you choose to hire a 1099 contractor, it can be challenging to avoid the gray areas as dictated by the IRS. While you are responsible for providing a pleasant work environment for the contract employee, a staffing firm will manage the timekeeping and payroll while you focus on your business.

In summary, enjoy the flexibility to scale (up or down) as needed, on-demand.