Are you a reputable organization that agrees your leadership team plays an essential role in the success of your company?

When it comes to locating an exceptional person who meets the skills and experience requirements, is a good fit for the culture you have worked so hard to develop, and understands your vision, can be quite challenging.

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional executive recruiting firm to find the ideal candidate, there’s a role you and your HR department needs to play to make it a win-win.

Hire a professional recruiting firm who listens to your needs and communicates every step of the way,,,

To follow are some guidelines to help you communicate your needs to the right professional firm to ensure success:

Outline Your Goals and Expectations

First, you must understand what your business needs are and articulate what you’re looking for in a candidate. Don’t fall into the trap of setting your sights on one desired skill set as you could be missing out on the ideal person to fulfill that role long-term. A qualified candidate will possess multiple levels of experience and may not fit into that role’s mold 100%, but instead, be easily trained because he/she has the aptitude and, more importantly, the attitude to assimilate to your team’s culture.

It is also essential to include the appropriate leaders to be involved in your organization’s talent search. Make a list of the following attributes, so you don’t leave out a critical priority. For instance, to follow are some of the columns to list characteristics and qualities.

  • Must Haves
  • Nice-to-Have
  • Timeline for Search
  • Personality Type for Your Culture

What Does This Role Look Like?

You need to fully understand the role and provide the required detail to the search firm, so they are on the same page as you are. The right firm will assist with clarifying the description; however, you need to provide the foundation for getting started.

This information allows them to answer the tough questions that passive candidates, who are currently employed, will ask, as they are not going to consider making a move for a company that doesn’t even know what they want. Exceptional candidates will want to know what it looks like working with your company, both long-term and short-term.

Partner With the Right Executive Recruiting Firm

Executive roles are generally highly paid and require an extensive amount of experience. The recruiting firm you choose must take it to the next level in their due diligence and have a clear understanding of your company requirements and company culture.

Additionally, it’s imperative to choose a company who also understands your industry as they will have the insight and network to attract outstanding candidates who may not be openly seeking to make a move. A proactive approach during this process is the best hiring strategy and will reap the most significant results.

When you are in conversations with the staffing company, include nuances about your company that aren’t necessarily public, so they have what is needed to weed out those that may be qualified, but won’t work in your company culture. It’s not a bad thing as every company has its unique style as the worst thing you could do is mislead someone who won’t be happy in your environment.

Utilizing the above best practices will help give you the advantage over a competitor who may be seeking a candidate for a similar role.