Employers and managers are constantly trying to identify which employees are going to be difference-makers. Whether they have been with the company for a while or just interviewing for a potential position, “Rising Stars” or “High Potential” employees can come in all forms and experiences.

As teams are working in different places, pulled in different directions, and putting out their own fires, the most challenging part for awesome employees to be identified as a rising star might simply be getting noticed.

To follow are four ways that “High Potential” employees can get the attention of their senior/ executive leadership as a rising star.


Showcase your growth goals and commitment to the company.

Some of the most universally sought out characteristics that any great leader looks for in their employees are a commitment to the company and passion for the people and work. This starts with room for growth in the company lining up with the growth goals and values of the employee. If it does, then don’t be afraid to communicate and showcase your commitment to the company and desire for growth within it to your leadership. Often, it’s too difficult for leaders to “assume” the goals of their employees. When you convey your goals to leadership’s attention, and they can witness your effort, passion, and skills, they are much more likely to reward you for it.


Take ownership of your work and reflect on it regularly.

No matter your position, title, or job requirements, everyone can take ownership of the quality of their work. As previously stated, it can be difficult for leaders to assign individual effectiveness within larger projects or tasks. Although showing your commitment to the team is essential, it is also crucial for you to actualize your work’s value. A person that takes true ownership of their work should be willing to go above and beyond to ensure success and exceed expectations. Leaders like to see your commitment to excellence, and this fundamental characteristic is very easy to translate into growth potential.


Be strategically innovative.

The most exceptional problem solvers are not the ones that utilize the identical solutions that everyone else does. The greatest problem solvers are the ones that find better ways to solve problems and solutions that will advance the company. It is important to note that most employees are expected to solve issues, and innovation is more of a “nice-to-have.” The road to innovation can be a trying one that comes with many failed attempts. Don’t let your innovation get in the way of your ability to meet deadlines, but don’t be fearful of challenging old processes, tools, etc., for the greater good of advancement. And, don’t be afraid to share your ideas while also being open and ready for push-back.


Focus on building relationships and improving your communication skills.

The ability for leaders to effectively communicate to different groups and stakeholders across a company was difficult but just got more complicated because of Covid. However, one of the greatest assets that a leader can have is their ability to effectively communicate internally within an organization and externally to clients or other stakeholders. Through that, the communication will also help build better relationships with colleagues, leaders, or stakeholders. Hold on to meaningful relationships and evangelize your intentions for growth because this group could quickly become your greatest advocate.
Good luck to all motivated employees on becoming a “Rising Star” within your organization. If you are looking for an organization with room for growth that matches your RISING STAR potential, reach out to Lone Star Staffing Solutions today. Best of luck to everyone on your continued growth and success!