Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of some serious challenges. We all experienced unexpected difficulties and were forced to make adjustments in the face of adversity. As we reflect on this past year, we acknowledge the hardships; however, we also recognize the good.

We encourage you to join us in a meaningful reflection of the past year as we search for some positivity in one of the most unusual times yet.

Thank Those Who Helped You

During 2020, did anyone lend you a hand? Perhaps a friend, family member, or colleague?

If someone helped you personally or professionally, make a focused effort to thank that person and show your appreciation!

Make a personal phone call, send a handwritten thank-you note, or give that special person a token of your thanks.
Find 10 Things for Which You are Grateful

While this may seem like a cliche task, it is one that is sure to redirect your thinking. Take a moment to sift through this past year’s problems, annoyances, and adjustments you made so you can identify reasons to be grateful.

Identify What Helped Build Your Resilience- and Carry that into 2021
What helped you get through this unprecedented year?

Sometimes we discover strengths through our adversities, and continuing to apply those strengths moving forward will build our resiliency.

How did 2020 push you to be a better person? Spouse? Colleague? Friend? What will you do to improve your experiences in 2021?